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Energy Healing

Energy or vibrational medicine has been around for thousands of years. It takes many forms, from ancient Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture to Indian and Shamanic medicine, Reiki and various other forms of subtle energy.

Energy Medicine addresses balancing the body including the outer body, which is referred to the biofield or some may say the auric field. This is a palpable measurable field documented in laboratories; it carries an electromagnetic charge as well. When the outer field is balanced with the physical body the benefits can be vast, some of which includes stress reduction, calming anxiety and depression, decrease in pain, enhancing post operative healing, and easing chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Apopka Wellness Center has added energy medicine to it’s repertoire of services offered. This is a complementary adjunct that works hand in hand with Chiropractic, since Chiropractic frees the circulation and nerve flow from the spinal column to the entire body.

Carolyn Green, RN, CHTP, is a certified Healing Touch Practitioner. This is a certification recognized by the American Holistic Nurses Association, and has been brought to the forefront in working in cancer centers, hospice as well as hospitals. Hospitals are starting to implement this alternative form of medicine and using it in pre- and post-operative care.

Healing Touch International is a worldwide organization that conducts research on the effects of energy work. In 1989 Janet Mentgen, RN developed the system and it became a certified modality for nurses shortly thereafter by the AHNA. Carolyn is studying other forms of energy medicine as well, such as arcing light, and quantum healing. She incorporates all of these modalities into the session.

Richard Gerber, MD, author of Vibrational Medicine said, "The purpose of my book is to demonstrate that healing via systems that affect the elements of human subtle energy anatomy is just an extension of existing medical science."

If you would like to experience energy medicine, call 407-886-0611 for an appointment at the Apopka Wellness Center, 407-886-0611. Carolyn is also available to speak to groups who are interested in learning more on the subject.